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January 2017

Spent a couple of days last week doing what i love. Life has a way of coming full circle. As a kid I could take the cold well. Still can. Coldest winter I ever spent was my first winter in San Diego in 1979. It was cold last week on the Yellowstone River bottoms in Montana. Probably 98% of the Canadians had winged their way to southern climes and the birds that were left were wary. They had been hearing goose calls for 5 months from Canada south. At minus 15 degrees below zero a dead bird froze fast. The cold stopped my iPhone from working even with 3 hand warmers in my wool pocket so many of the pictures I had planned to take are in my memory bank! One day we had secured permission on a warm water "hole" and with a few decoys and a robo which worked well on the mallards. Amazing how tuff a lab is to jump in and out of the water and remain alive in sub zero temps! Winter is off to a tough start in Montana and wildlife will have a hard time if things don't warm up soon. Here is a little muley buck that invaded a neighbors yard for some dinner!

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